The Asociación Argentina de Agrometeorología (AADA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the development of Agrometeorological science throughout the country and brings together researchers, teachers, professionals and businesspersons directly or indirectly linked to it.

Promotes scientific research, teaching and extension of the specialty, organizes scientific meetings, encourages discussion of relevant topics and carry out all necessary activities conducive to promoting, disseminating and implementing the knowledge of it.

 Executive Commision


Andrea Inés Irigoyen
Antonio de la Casa
Vice President
Marisa Gloria Cogliati
Andrea del Valle Rivarola
Ana Beatriz Wingeyer
Secretary of Acts
Angel Blasón
Leonardo Serio
Titular Vocal 
Patricia Irene Figuerola
Alternate Vocal 
Matías Cambareri
Pro Treasurer
Silvia A. C. Cravero
Titular Vocal
Guillermo Rondán
Alternate Vocal 

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