AADA   Webinars

6th October  2021 


An AADA initiative

The activity began and will run until December of this year.

The common thread in this proposal will be the strategy of cover crops in sustainable agriculture, with emphasis on water use and the possibilities for different environments, for that reason the intention of taking attendees on a tour on an environmental transect. 

For our association it will be an honor to have the participation of a good number of colleagues, advisors and producers who are sharing their experiences. In the transect that has been organized, it will be traveled from the NOA (Santiago del Estero) south of Buenos Aires.

AADA. In Memoriam
22 septiember 2021
Our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Paulo Cesar Sentelhas passed away on September 21th, 2021, in Brazil.

Paulo Sentelhas.png
TV USP interviewed him in 2019 in its program Trajétorias. You can access that invaluable material that reminds us of his motivation and continuous dedication to agrometeorology.

Prof. Paulo Cesar Sentelhas

Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz (Esalq/USP, Piracicaba, Brazil) communicated that Paulo Cesar Sentelhas, professor at Biosystems Engineering of Esalq, passed away on September 21th.

Paulo Cesar Sentelhas was graduated in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Espírito Santo do Pinhal (UNIPINHAL) - Faculty of Agronomy and Animal Science Manoel Carlos Gonçalves (1987). He received a Master degree in Agronomy (Agrometeorology), 1992, and a Ph in Agronomy (Irrigation and Drainage), 1998, both from Esalq. He did postdoctoral studies at the University of Guelph in Canada from (2003 -2004), and also at the University of Guelph - Weather Innovations Incorporated consortium (2008), where he worked as a visiting researcher. He worked as a researcher at IPMET/UNESP (1988-1994) and Agronomic Institute of Campinas IAC (1994-1996). Since March 1996 he was a professor at Esalq and currently held the position of Full Professor in the Agrometeorology area. He was secretary of the Brazilian Society of Agrometeorology -SBAgro- (1995-1997; 2001-2003) and its president (2005-2007), when he also served as president of the Latin American Federation of Agrometeorology (FALDA). He had highlighted performance in Agronomy, with emphasis on Agrometeorology. As a professor, he taught in the undergraduate course the disciplines Agricultural Meteorology and Applied Agrometeorology and, in the graduate program, the discipline Agrometeorology and Plant Diseases. He was Scientific Editor of the journal Scientia Agricola, Esalq, and from 2015 was the Editor-in-Chief of the same. He served as Associate Editor of the International Journal of Biometeorology (ISBM - Springer) and as a member of the editorial committees of the Italian Journal of Agrometeorology (SIA, Italy), International Journal of Plant production (IJPO - Springer), Applied Sciences (Springer) and AgriScientia (University of Córdoba, Argentina). From 2005 to 2013 he served as Brazil's representative to the Group of Agrometeorology Experts of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO-UN). He was a member of SBAgro (Brazilian Society of Agrometeorology) and INSAM (International Society of Agricultural Meteorology). In 2019, he received the Sergio Westphalen Award from SBAgro in recognition of his contributions to the Agrometeorology area of Brazil. Sentelhas was a 12-time professor honored by the Agronomic Engineering Classes, author of 224 articles, advisor to 30 masters and 28 doctors and 5 postdoctoral students and 90 undergraduate students. Recently, he founded the Agrymet consultory with his loved daughters.

Brazil, Latin America, and the world will miss Paulo for his academic contributions, but mainly for his generosity and bonhomie.

8 April 2021 

Tapa RADA 2020.jpg
No costs of publication for Vol XII of RADA

At the AADA CD meeting hold in past April, it was decided that publication of vol XII will be free of charges for authors.


28 February 2021 

Tapa RADA 2020.jpg
Procedure for categorization of RADA

Recently, those responsible for the edition of the Revista Argentina de Agrometeorología (RADA), Dr. Andrés Ravelo and Ing. Pedro Boletta, raised the application to enter the European Index of academic journals of humanities and social sciences ( ERIH Plus ) indicating the disciplines environmental studies and science and technology studies for RADA.


25 February 2021

INSAM participation

On  21th February was held the first Meeting of Executive Council of the International Society of Agricultural Meteorology (INSAM). The agenda included: enrichment of static and dynamic information, regional agromet advisory service bulletins,  prospects of agriculture in different regions under different climatic conditions, arrangement of Webinar on topics of interest, merging of the Global Federation of Agromeorological Society (GFAMS) with INSAM, approach to donor agency for funding and mechanism for accepting funding, establish a physical office but working virtually, arrangement of virtual workshop/seminar, publication of Newsletter/Journal, establishment linkage between INSAM and National  Agromet Association, membership. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Nabansu Chattopadhyay. The Executive Council was integrated on January 2021 and President of AADA, Dr. Andrea Irigoyen, was nominated as member.


18 December 2020

Activities of the new comission 

The new Executive Comission (CD) of AADA began your activities with a virtual meeting on 17th December. The agenda included future activities, society member rate, call for proposals to organize RADA 2022 event. Next meeting of CD will be held in March 2021.

RALDA 2020

30 November 2020

Success of RALDA 2020

The XIX Argentinean and XIX Latin American Meeting of Agrometeorology (RALDA 2020) was successfully enclosed. The organizer institutions (UNER and AADA) thanks the authors, the speakers and sponsors. Access to Proceedings and the YouTube channel of RALDA 2020 is available in the Events section


30 November 2020

Tapa RADA 2020.jpg
Procedure of categorization of RADA

On November 2020, the editors of the Revista Argentina de Agrometeorología RADA, Dr. Andrés Ravelo and Eng. Pedro Boletta, have requested the incorporation of the journal of AADA to Núcleo Básico of CONICET. The response of this evaluation is awaited with expectations.