Scientific Commission

Homero Bergamaschi

Antonio de la Casa

Patricia Figuerola

Denise Fontana

Andrea Inés Irigoyen

Guillermo Murphy

Olga Penalba

Ana María Planchuelo

Andrés C. Ravelo

Rafael Rodríguez

Roberto Seiler

Paulo Sentelhas

Leonardo Serio

Marta Vinocur



Volumen IX, december 2018

Yield gap of soybean crop estimated with the AquaCrop model in the
central region of Córdoba, Argentina

Yield gap of soybean crop estimated with AquaCrop model in central region of Córdoba, Argentina

de la Casa, A .; Ovando, G .; Díaz, G .; Bressanini, L. and Miranda, C.
pp. 1-19

Annual Frost Hazard Index (IPAH): Concept and utility
Annual Frost Hazardous Index (AFHI): Concept and usefulness

Blazon, AD; Mollá Kralj, A. and Rodríguez, RO
pp. 21-30

Towards the anticipated forecast of potential maize yield in central-southeast Buenos Aires: relationships with the duration of the vegetative and reproductive sub-periods
Towards early prediction of potential yield for maize in center-southeastern of Buenos Aires: Relationships with the extension of vegetative and reproductive subperiods

Irigoyen, AI, Panunzio Moscoso, MP, Cambareri, MA and Echarte, L.

pp. 31-45

Impacts on the thermal regime produced by the Salto Grande reservoir
Climatic impacts produced by Salto Grande reservoir
G. Cruz, M. Bidegain, A. Bocco, S. Alvariño and R. Terra
pp. 47-56

Determination of scenarios due to drought in the region of the Basin Organization of the
North Pacific, Mexico
Determining drought scenarios in the region of the North Pacific Basin Agency, Mexico
Douriet Cárdenas, JC, AC Ravelo, AI Ramírez Orozco, CE Torrecillas Núñez and CM García
pp. 57-73
Effects of surface, water and nitrogen coverage on attributes of the
corn canopy in panicle

Effects of surface cover, water and nitrogen on attributes of maize canopy at tasseling.
Irigoyen, AI, Cambareri, MA, Echarte, L., Bayala, MI and Rivas, RE
pp. 75-84