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Pedro Enrique Boletta


Coordinator of Scientific Commission 

Andrés C. Ravelo

Volume VIII, december 2017

Agroclimatic and economic evaluation of the adverse effects of water excesses in the Argentine Pampean region
Agroclimatic and economic assessment of the adverse impacts of excessive moisture in argentine pampas region

Zanvettor, RE; AC Ravelo; EO Thomasz and S. Sánchez

pp. 1-13

Current and potential agroclimatic suitability of the Patagonian region for the cultivation of walnut ( Juglans regia L.) in a context of climate change

Current and potential aptitude of Patagonian Region for walnut ( Juglans regia L. ) in a climate change context

Brendel, AS, F. Mora and RA del Barrio

pp. 15-27

Thermal and pluviometric indices of climate change in Anguil: trends for the period 1961-2016

Thermal and pluviometric indicators of climate change in Anguil: trend of the period 1961-2016

Belmonte, ML

pp. 29-42

Thermo-hydric conditions and behavior of native species in the Paravachasca valley, Córdoba, Argentina
Thermo-hydrical conditions and native species responses in the Paravachascha, Córdoba, Argentina

Planchuelo, A. and Ravelo, AC

pp. 43-57